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Welcome to Super 1360 WNJC, your independent radio station nestled in the heart of Southern New Jersey. Owned and operated John "Duke" Hamann of DuxPond Communications in Dennisville, NJ, our station has a rich history and an unwavering commitment to delivering a diverse and engaging auditory experience.

Our roots trace back to the days of WWBZ, a station licensed in Vineland, New Jersey, that resonated with audiences from 1946 to 1989. After a brief hiatus, the station found a new home in Washington Township on September 1, 1990, re-emerging as WVSJ ("Voice of South Jersey") with a focus on talk programming. WVSJ made its mark as one of the first Philadelphia-area stations to feature the renowned Rush Limbaugh on weekdays.

Over the years, our station underwent a musical metamorphosis, from embracing a country music format in 1992 as "New Jersey Country" to a dynamic evolution into Spanish-language programming by 1994. A subsequent transition into a brokered format highlighted our adaptability and commitment to staying attuned to our community's diverse tastes.

In 1994, the station found new custodians in radio engineer Michael Venditti and partner John Forsythe, leading to the creation of Forsythe Broadcasting, Inc. Despite facing the challenge of Michael Venditti's untimely passing in 1998, Joan Venditti and John "Duke" Hamann stepped in to continue the station's legacy.

Under the visionary leadership of John "Duke" Hamann, the station embarked on a remarkable journey. From its roots in Deptford to a new home on Egg Harbor Rd in Washington Township in 2005, Super 1360 WNJC endured and evolved. In 2017, a pivotal moment unfolded when Antonio Muniz, Javier Machorro, and John "Duke" Hamann rescued the station from potential obscurity.

A beacon of resilience, Super 1360 WNJC experienced a transformative chapter in 2017, with the rebuilding of the entire transmitter site and repositioning the studio to Cherry Hill and later Camden in 2019. Branded as a multicultural station, "Super 1360 AM WNJC" became synonymous with "The Power of Communication."

In 2023, faced with challenges, the station weathered changes in ownership, and John "Duke" Hamann emerged as the torchbearer, ensuring the station's continued existence. Despite losing our tower lease, the spirit of Super 1360 WNJC lives on, broadcasting from the DuxPond Communications office in Dennisville, NJ.

Our current playlist reflects the diverse tastes of our audience, featuring a mix of "Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites." From Classic Rock to Alternative Rock, Punk, Dance, Country, Pop, and Rock, our eclectic lineup mirrors the vibrant tapestry of musical genres.

Tony Mack of Mack Media Productions lends his distinctive touch to our sweepers, creating a sonic identity that resonates with our audience. If you need commercials, voiceovers, or any audio production, be sure to check out his site and let him know you heard him on WNJC!

Super 1360 WNJC extends an invitation for you to be a part of our radio family. Explore the opportunity to host your own show from the comfort of your home, bringing your unique voice to the airwaves. Contact us at support@super1360wnjc.com for more information.

Join us on this musical journey, where the power of communication transcends boundaries and Super 1360 WNJC remains your source for diverse and dynamic radio programming.